Monday, September 3, 2012

Background about the Blog

Hello my name is Dan Fabian.  I assume most of the people reading this are friends and family, but for those that are not, here is some background.  I am a civil engineer with 28 years of experience.  I primarily work in water resources and watershed management in Minnesota.

Fabian back patio container gardens.  The green re-purposed containers
have water reservoir in bottom and wheel to move into sun.
Currently I am taking the opportunity to pursue a personal interest in agriculture by taking a sabbatical fro work starting the week of August 27th, 2012.  During this time I will be completing the Sustainable Food Production Program at Minnesota State College-Fergus Falls, as the cornerstone of my efforts to combine my experience in engineering, natural resources, watershed, and floodplain management with sustainable agricultural practices.  At the completion of the classroom portion of the program all students are to complete a minimum of 180 hours of internship working on a farm.  I expect to complete the program sometime in June of 2014.  If you happen to have a good idea on how I should spend my internship please send me a comment.  I am documenting my adventures in sustainable agriculture with this Blog.

Just for the record, I grew up in town and prior to starting this program my actual hands on experience in farming is limited to summer childhood experience of bailing hay for neighbors of my Uncle in southwestern WI, and picking rocks in central Minnesota.  Oh yes I also know how to clean barn (pitch sh....).

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